Shuttle Time excites newcomer Comoros

December 10, 2022

In November, new BWF Member Comoros became the 155th country to officially launch the Shuttle Time Schools Programme, to power badminton development in the East African nation.

Held in the capital city of Moroni on 13-16 December, the BWF Membership Grant-funded activity brought together teachers from different regions of the three islands of Comoros.

The first two days saw a Shuttle Time Teachers Course delivered to 20 people, including coaches and youth centre facilitators who were trained to introduce the programme to primary and secondary school students. They showed high motivation during the course and promised to deliver the programme in their region.

At the end of the course, two Shuttle Time equipment kits were gifted to the Comoros Badminton Federation (CBF).

On 15 November, a team comprising the experts and CBF members visited some schools to introduce Shuttle Time, with all of them agreeing to support the project. A day later, the team paid the sport and education government officials a visit to request their backing.

CBF received assurance from the Ministry of Sport, Ministry of Education, National Olympic Committee and Sport Counsellor of Comoros President that it will receive the necessary support in the implementation of the programme throughout the country.

Secretary General of Ministry of Education, Soulaimane S. Hamadi, said: “It’s the first time I’m seeing a suitable sports programme like Shuttle Time for our kids. We are committed to helping the federation take it to our schools.”

Comoros National Shuttle Time Coordinator Ynoussa Houmadi stated: “It’s a good tool for us to better develop badminton as we are a new federation.

“The Teachers Course was very good. The trainer shared his experience and gave us templates on how to develop the programme with less resources so we can ensure its success in our country.”

Hassane Massoundi, the Sport Counsellor of Comoros President said: “Through the explanation of the experts, I’ve noticed it’s very suitable for our kids. Its fun and safe approach is what I like.”