PBSI reactivates Shuttle Time

September 19, 2022

Hoping to create new tutors from the country’s 37 provinces, Indonesia Badminton Association (PBSI) reactivated its Shuttle Time programme in May in the northern Sumatran city of Medan after a pause in 2021.

Shuttle Time’s Indonesian journey, which started with a pilot project that attracted nine participants in 2013, resumed this time with 20 tutors. Led by new National Shuttle Time Coordinator Iwan Hermawan, it was conducted by Muhammad Andy Ardiansyah with the resources and materials, including Shuttle Time Teacher Manual and Shuttle Time Lesson Plans, in Bahasa Indonesia.

With most tutors having badminton background and some being former internationals, the three-day programme which started on 21 May was completed seamlessly. A few months later, the first Teachers Course for 35 Physical Education teachers was conducted in Wonosobo City, Central Java on 9-10 August by female tutor Rista Sudian Karyanti.

President of the North Sumatra Badminton Association Suripno Ngadimin said of Shuttle Time: “We develop tutors to deliver badminton lessons in their area, to have more students play the sport and for our coaches to identify talented shuttlers.”

Hermawan added: “Indonesia is a badminton powerhouse and through this programme we want to keep unearthing new players from different areas of the country.”