Project of The Month

Inter-School Badminton Championship (CIBAD-2018)

The Inter-School Badminton Championship of Haiti (CIBAD) gathered all the schools affiliated to the Federation Haitienne de Badminton (FEHBAD) since 2012. CIBAD is one of the most important juvenile competitions set up by the FEHBAD which gather more than 200 young players coming from different schools of Haiti every year. The objective of CIBAD is […]


Badminton+ also known as B+ is a badminton strategy in Spain to promote and grow badminton all around Spain using the BWF Shuttle Time Schools programme. The main objective of B+ is to promote healthy habits and lifestyles among the school population through a quality program by integrating badminton activities. The strategy emphasized three main […]

BWF Shuttle Time & Women in Badminton Summit

Last July, the Shuttle Time Teacher Course was part of the agenda in the 2nd Women in Badminton Summit 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  There were a total of thirteen (13) energetic and visionary women from twelve different member associations who excellently took part in the two-day course. The profile of attendees was vast; there […]

Shuttle Time Samoa: Opportunity for the Community in Savaia

July 2018 exactly marked one year since Samoa launched BWF Shuttle Time programme. BWF Shuttle Time had been an important role in Samoa badminton development and providing opportunities for teachers to learn about badminton and deliver it to the students in their regions. This had spread to Savaia, one of the village on the south-eastern […]

Launching Shuttle Time in Cyprus – The Early Stages

Throughout March till May 2018, Badminton Cyprus had delivered Shuttle Time courses to increase badminton awareness among Primary School Teachers and making badminton as one of the most popular sport in Cyprus Educational System. The first steps of a four-year implementation plan started with delivering three Shuttle Time Courses in Nicosia, Cyprus. More than 70 […]

BWF – UN Badminton For All Project

In the last 12-month period since April 2017, the BWF-UN Badminton For All Project had undertaken the work to support the nine African countries such as Benin, Ethiopia, Togo, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Lesotho, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe with developing badminton activities in the countries through the Shuttle Time Programme. This included assisting in their project […]

Shuttle Time Teacher Course in Cagayan De Oro, Philippines

Last February, one of our Shuttle Time Teacher course in Xavier University was attended by more than 40 teacher-participants mostly from Mindanao which is one of the three major islands in Philippines. During the first day course, participants were challenged to do tasks on understanding barriers affecting badminton in their areas. At the same time, […]

Badminton Growing Bigger In Argentina

During January 2018, a project called Municipal Colonies was carried out in the City of Buenos Aires promoted by the Argentina Federation of Badminton and the Secretary of Sports.  The project aimed to allow the Federations to develop workshops in the different neighbourhoods of the city. More than 5,400 children between 6 and 12 years […]

Shuttle Time Youth Leadership Award – Pilot Project in New Zealand

Last October to December, Badminton New Zealand piloted the Shuttle Time Youth Leadership Award in Waikato and Hawkes Bay. The Shuttle Time Youth Leadership Award objective is to develop school students aged between 15-18 years old the ability to work towards delivering badminton in school, club or association environments and transitioning from Foundation to Development […]

1st Shuttle Time Course in Serbia

The course was organized by the Badminton Association of Serbia in November 2017 within the newly opened National Badminton Center in Belgrade. Over 40 participants from 10 cities (PE teachers, teachers, badminton coaches, Badminton Association of Serbia and  Serbian National Team Staff). Course was presented by Mr Milan Barbir, National Coordinator and certified Shuttle Time […]

Shuttle Time for PNG

The sport of badminton was first introduced to a few Port Moresby schools and communities in 2016.  It is currently popular among the Asian community and nationals are only beginning to embrace this new sport.  With the Badminton World Federation’s Shuttle Time program, it is now gaining a lot of interest and popularity. A recent […]

Teachers have a ‘shuttle’ of a time in Cook Islands!

Teachers from primary schools around Rarotonga attended a ‘ShuttleTime’ school badminton Training course last Wednesday at the St Joseph Community Hall. Cook Islands Badminton Association (CIBA) Tutors John Taulu and Hebrew Tom took the teachers through the various lesson plans and videos filled with fun games and activities that the teachers can take back to […]

Shuttle Time in Jalisco, Mexico!

Badminton has been included within the catalog of sports disciplines of the Mexican Physical Education National Program since 2014 and the Shuttle Time Program has been implemented as the basic methodology in the teaching of national school badminton since 2013 where teachers from the various states of the Mexican Republic are being trained under this […]

Impact of the Shuttle Time Big Hit Festivals

Attendees at the Shuttle Time Big Hit primary festivals and secondary/community engagement activities Our development team organised a very ambitious programme for primary and secondary pupils, young leaders, community groups and teachers that engaged with a total of 5065 children and young people; and 92 teachers under the umbrella of the Shuttle Time Big Hit.  […]

Cuba: Mega Event Shuttle Time

For four straight years, the ‘Mega Event Shuttle Time’ has been held in Cuba, an activity that brings together children from schools linked to the project, which serves to contrast the lessons learned in the sessions given by the Physical Education teachers. This event is contemplated as a methodological indication referred to by the National […]

Surinamese and Badminton

Badminton is first of all a ludic sport, easy and accessible at any age. It allows the child or the adolescent to practice an intensive sport while preserving his joints thanks to the lightness and the handiness of the equipment, to improve his psychomotor capacities by the originality of the trajectory of the shuttlecock and […]

Balloons and Badminton: Smashing Stigma in Fiji

Horror stories of children with disabilities living in shame are gradually being replaced with stories of success in Fiji, and badminton, albeit a barely-recognisable version of the superfast sport, is playing an important part in this life-giving transition. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Shuttle Time with Special Olympics Brunei Darussalam (SOBD)

“It was impressive that; badminton competition was run successfully with the support by Brunei National Badminton Association and Special Education Unit of Ministry of Education. Hope these supports can be continue in the future for further development programme.” – Md Zuno Kartono bin Hj Ali, Shuttle Time Coordinator for Brunei Darussalam

Badminton for All Project in Africa

The first phase of the ‘Badminton for All’ project between BWF and United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace (UNOSDP), involving tutors from nine African countries, was completed successfully in late February. Thanks to this BWF-UNOSDP partnership, which highlights sport’s role as a low-cost, high-impact tool in humanitarian, developmental and peacebuilding efforts, Tutor […]

Badminton Shines on International Women’s Day

Over 100 women and girls gathered at the National Stadium in Dhaka on March 8 for a special celebration for International Women's Day hosted by the Bangladesh Badminton Federation. The Australian Government is proudly supporting the Shuttle Time Bangladesh under the Asia Sports Partnership small grant fund and for International Women's Day Teachers Training Course [...]

Italy: A Massive Increase in Kids Participation

Background The BWF Shuttle Time Schools Badminton Programme provides the national federations with a system, a set of tools and models to implement school badminton nationally. It also offers teachers around the world access to badminton teaching resources in 17 languages and the opportunity to undertake face-to-face training to develop the skills and knowledge to […]

Romania: Preserving health by increasing physical activity level

Among the factors acting as burden to health, physical inactivity ranks fourth as a risk for all-cause mortal and sixth the risk factor for loss disability in adjusted life years. Unhealthy diets and physical inactivity are key risk factors for the major noncommunicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Based on that fact, in […]

Shuttle Time Sweden

Badminton Sweden is our most recent Member Association to implement Shuttle Time in Europe. September 3rd a Shuttle Time teacher course was hosted in Stockholm with 48 participants. Welcome to the Shuttle Time Family, Sweden!

Cook Islands: Every child has a right to play

In a message for 2014 International Children’s Day, United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon said, “the one thing all children have in common is their rights. Every child has the right to survive and thrive, to be educated, to be free from violence and abuse, to participate and to be heard.”

Tonga: A Tool for Health and Well-being

The Shuttle Time programme in Tonga has been closely monitored by TNBA, BO and Pacific Sports Partnerships staff. Findings conclude that badminton has had a positive impact on physical activity levels and health of children in Tonga.

Nepal: Sports for Health, Sports for Nation

Shuttle Time Nepal promotes social inclusion through participation in badminton for women, girls and people with disabilities. We use sport and play to build resilience in children, promote peace-building and support ongoing efforts in basic education, sport education, disaster recovery and risk reduction.